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Baby Randy Berlin

          Singer, Songwriter, Actor & Producer; Randy Berlin discovered his special musical gifts at his early age of 9, his voice was discovered by his aunt while singing to a song on the radio.

          Piano, Guitar, Bass & Drums, those are the main instruments Randy plays and records himself; in addition he is also the main recording and mixing Engineer as well as Arranger and Producer for his songs. His music genre is Quantum Pop.

          Ever since his teens, his remarkable voice immediately has gained him the opportunity to start singing everywhere, and collaborating with other Artists as well. After all the ups and downs in his life, having to live in different places around North America, Randy has been releasing on YouTube a series of Tribute cover Songs dedicated to major stars around the world, such as Miley Cyrus, The Everly Bothers, Annie Lennox, Lana Del Rey, Kansas, Ed Sheeran, Rod Stewart, Juan Gabriel, Beatles, Roberto Carlos, Abba, Brothers Gibb, John Legend, Hellogoodbye, Barbra Streisand, Shakira, George Michael and many others. He's also been performing in various venues throughout North America. 

He is a global activist against bullying currently launching a Teen Suicide Prevention Campaign called “There Is Someone For You”. His most recent music video "An Angel Feather" has won 7 film awards and counting. The video was produced by Zox and the album cover was shot by the legendary rock 'n' roll photographer Ed Caraeff.

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