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May 2021








Award winning Documentary (POP UP!) creator and multi-talented artist Zox filmed and produced the first Original Song video clip for Randy Berlin's song: "An Angel Feather", which makes the first single cut release from "The Golden Boy" album. Having the amazing art direction, photography & design of Ed Caraeff, an awesome collaboration of the greatest Make-up Artist Stacy Skinner, the visual consultation of Grammy Award winner Doug Nichol and also from the extraordinary Graphic Designer, Draughtsman and Animator Alan Macarty, who has created SPFX in various Formula 1 commercials!


April 2021

The greatest Radio DJ and host from Los Angeles Rodney Bingenheimer, who once launched the career of David Bowie to the stardom, gaining him his first record deal, now live on SIRIUSXM channel 21 on Sundays airs and presents the very first single from "The Golden Boy" album by Randy Berlin: "An Angel Feather". Check this out: XM PlayList Official.


April 2021

Ed Caraeff, the photographer who shot the most iconic pictures for Jimmy Hendrix, Elton John, Bee Gees, Dolly Parton, and many more... Comes out from retirement to create the album cover for Randy Berlin. The artist Zox, who made famous album covers and portraits as well for Tom Petty, Bee Gees, Steely Dan, etc., who also once painted the Berlin Wall in 1987, reunited with his long time friend Ed Caraeff to achieve this fascinating album cover for "The Golden Boy".

          Singer, Songwriter, Actor & Producer; Randy Berlin discovered his special musical gifts at his early age of 9, his voice was discovered by his aunt while singing to a song on the radio.

          Piano, Guitar, Bass & Drums; those are the main instruments Randy plays and records himself; needless to say he is also the main recording and mixing Engineer as well as Arranger and Producer for his songs. However, he has collaborated with other Artists too.


          Ever since his teens, his remarkable voice immediately has gained him the opportunity to start singing everywhere, and collaborating with other Artists as well. After all the ups and downs in his life, having to live in different places around North America, Randy has been releasing on YouTube a series of Tribute cover Songs dedicated to major stars around the world, such as Miley Cyrus, The Everly Bothers, Annie Lennox, Lana Del Rey, Kansas, Ed Sheeran, Rod Stewart, Juan Gabriel, Beatles, Roberto Carlos, Abba, Brothers Gibb, John Legend, Hellogoodbye, Barbra Streisand, Shakira, George Michael and many others. He's also been performing in various venues throughout North America.  (***CLICK ON THE NAME OF THE ARTISTS TO WATCH A VIDEO***)


          Randy is also currently running a 'Teen Suicide' Prevention Campaign called "There Is Someone For You", click here to learn more about it and join the campaign:


- Randy's fave colour is gold


- Randy likes playing basketball, volleyball, baseball & water polo


- Randy never had formal music training, but acquired all his musical skills on his own


-Famous photographer Ed Caraeff (who has worked with hundreds of artists including: Jimmy Hendrix, Bee Gees, George Harrison, Elton John, Carly Simons, Hall & Oates, Dolly Parton... and many more) came out from retirement to create the album cover for his upcoming album "The Golden Boy". The Artist Zox collaboration is the painting in the Album cover as well. Just like they used to do it in the old days!


- The Government of Mexico recognized him as an Official International Ambassador for a campaign of Peace, Safety & Welfare of families in January 2019


- Randy studied and became proficient in acting, stage and theatre


- When he was little he wanted to be a stuntman and a Special-FX Artist. Fortunately, Randy discovered that he possesses a wonderful singing voice. He remains a fervorous fan of Ve Neil & Rick Baker


- Randy has engineered all of his recordings to this date, he records various instruments (as well as creating the arrangements for them); all of the lead vocals, backing vocals and harmonies


- Additonally, he is a big fan of Tim Burton's "Batman" & "Beetlejuice" (both movies and animated series). He also loves all of his other works


- His fave movie is "The Witches" (starring Anjelica Huston), claiming to have watched the film nearly 200 times


- Randy is an Anti-bullying activist and he's launching a campaign against Teen Suicide


- The first time he watched horror movies he was 4 years old and got passionate about them ever since


- He is a great draftsman and has drawn exceptional portraits since he was a child


- Randy has a big fascination for Physics, secrets of the Universe & the esoteric world


- Randy owns a catalogue of over 700 copyrighted songs written by himself, lyrics and music!


- He loves mythical creatures such as Greek Mythological creatures, werewolves & vampires


- Jeff Lynne is one his music heroes, Randy claims that Mr. Lynne inspired him to become a one man show


 - He is a big animal lover and nature protector


- Besides writing music and songs, he also writes quotes, theories & stories that he wishes would become movies one day


- Randy not only loves nature docs, but cartoons as well, his fave is "Rick & Morty" because of the high Physics content. He also wrote a song for the show, wishing someday the creators include it in their series


- Randy is very familiar with international music, among lots of random facts, despite of what people believe, he considers himself 'a bit of a geek'


- Everytime Randy starts recording or arranging a piano, he wonders how Blue Weaver would play that song


- He refused for many years to create 'danceable' tracks. However he has written songs in different styles such as pop, EDM, rock, Soul, UpTempo, Instrumental, R&B, HIP-HOP, REGGAE, waltz and even a bolero ballad (only Lennon/McCartney and The Brothers Gibb have mastered this); as well as mixes among those styles.


- Randy claims that he thoroughly dislikes cooking, however he has been known for creating delicious meals (yum yum!)


- Although he is against violence and abuse, Randy has been victimized himself. Randy embarked on his solo music tour in Mexico where circumstances set him up for brainwashing, attempted poisoning and a form of kidnapping. He hopes to vent this out to the world soon to create awareness


- His fave desserts are brownies, pies & guava rolls


***If you wanna know more about Randy Berlin or to buy an autographed poster, you can get in touch with him via email:  info@randyberlin.com ***

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